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Historical Background 
According to the rules of health organization of all counties and cities of Taiwan Province, the Heath Center of Puyan Township was named and established on August 31st, 1949. It was under the jurisdiction of the Health Yuan of Taichung County under the old system, and temporarily borrowed the Township District Office to handle the administrative matters.

In October of 1950, after the administrative districts redivided in the county, the name was changed to the Health Center of Puyan Township of Health Yuan of Changhua county. New office building was built and subsidized by the Chinese Countryside Rejuvenated Committee. The new office was completed and launched in May of 1954, also, it changed to be under the jurisdiction of the District Office of Puyen town in 1962, and again it changed to be under the jurisdiction of the Health Bureau of Changhua County since 1974 till now

Back in 1985, the office was reconstructed at the same location due to it was obsolete, the reconstruction project was handled by Department of Health of Taiwan provinces, the Health Bureau of County, and the District Office, and in April, 1987, we established the medical group practice center, and computerized the basic-level medical treatment and health care services in March of 1994.

In September of 1995, we established the health care voluntary team, and the experiment unit of chronic disease guiding clinic of Changhua County was set up to illustrate the chronic disease treatment in July of 1997, in July of 1999, we carried out the first stage of community assessment for Puyan town and established the chronic disease guiding and demonstration unit the same time.

In January of 2002, the national health insurance bureau center district branch appointed our center as woman cervix wipe slice test and pulmonary tuberculosis preventing and curing experiment units, also were strategic demo units to improve and promote those tests.

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